Monday, November 24, 2008

Nikki Leigh Interviews Kevin Gerard about Conor and the Crossworlds

While still teaching at the university, Kevin Gerard spends the bulk of his time writing for publication. The Conor and the Crossworlds series provided the main impetus for his decision to permanently extricate himself from formal employment. "Stepping away from full-time work was the best decision I ever made. Writing this story has given me tremendous personal satisfaction, and it has shown me an avenue for expression I will always treasure." Kevin will talk with us about his Conor and the Crossworlds young adult fantasy series. Book Three has just been released and Books Four and Five are in the works. Join Kevin and Nikki to learn more about the work of a young adult fantasy author. He will welcome your questions during the show.

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Monday, November 17, 2008

Nikki Leigh Interviews Susan Wingate about Bobby's Diner

Award-winning author, Susan Wingate is a novelist, poet and playwright with one short story collection and two novels published. Wingate's latest novel BOBBY'S DINER is currently available and her third novel will be released late in 2009. Wingate teaches writing and for hobbies she paints and, of course, reads. About Bobby's Diner - Georgette Carlisle explains a tale of events that lead up to this morning's funeral. Fifteen years earlier, searching for a place to call home, Georgette accepts a ride from a philandering trucker who offers to take her from a bus stop in Kingman, Arizona to Phoenix but she never makes it. After an abrupt stop along the highway, Georgette jumps out of the truck and heads off on foot until she comes to the small town of Sunnydale. The day Georgette first arrives in Sunnydale her life is empty. When she saunters into town she meets a married man, Bobby, who owns Bobby's Diner. After he leaves his wife, Vanessa, for Georgette, Bobby marries her. Fifteen years later, after Bobby has died, Georgette's life is about to change.

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Monday, November 10, 2008

Nikki Leigh Interviews Masha Malka

Masha Malka, author or The One Minute Coach, visits with Nikki Leigh. Masha talks about her book and her work. She helps you understand how you can "change your life one minute at a time". To learn much more visit

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Monday, November 3, 2008

Nikki Leigh Interviews Earl Ofari Hutchinson about The Ethnic Presidency and the Election

November 4th is election day in the United States, so it seemed natural that I would interview a client and friend, Earl Ofari Hutchinson on the eve of this historic election. He will also be talking about his book that was released in February and which is very timely - The Ethnic Presidency: How Race Decides the Race to the White House. Earl Ofari Hutchinson. His latest book, The Ethnic Presidency explains how race has played an interesting and important part in presidential elections through the years. Anyone who has watched election coverage this year, has heard the talk about how race is played a part in the primaries and it is playing a part in the election. I am looking for radio show hosts that would like to interview Mr Hutchinson and talk about the impact of race on this election. Following is a summary for The Ethnic Presidency. The Ethnic Presidency: How Race Decides the Race to the White House By Earl Ofari Hutchinson The Ethnic Presidency: How Race Decides the Race to the White House is an explosive look at how racial and ethnic conflict has openly and covertly played a crucial role the past three decades in influencing, shaping and ultimately deciding who bags the world’s biggest political prize, the White House. It tells how racial politics will play an even bigger role in the 2008 presidential election and future elections.

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