Monday, January 19, 2009

Nikki Leigh Interviews Nationally Syndicated Political Analyst Earl Ofari Hutchinson on the Eve of the Presidential Inauguration

The eve of this historic presidential inauguration seemed like a great day to talk with politic analyst and author, Earl Ofari Hutchinson. We will also talk about his latest book - How Obama Won. For much more information about his book visit -- details about ebook and print books along with an affiliate opportunity.

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Hear my radio show that caused a listener to call me disgusting, a fraud and a disgrace -- no kidding. They didn't call in, but their thoughts were posted in the chatroom. Sadly, the person's user name included Hillary - its sad to see someone acting like that and associating it with Hillary. This person obviously didn't hear the very good things we mentioned in the beginning about Hillary Clinton and anyone who read Earl Ofari Hutchinson's columns knows he is a staunch Hillary supporter. Learn more about How Obama Won on this call -

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